Let me, well you dad; punctuation can mean plural.

dedicated to heroic v.v. [;] is wing more ‘n one?

Son, I have to tell you something.

We used to stand on the corner;

and dance;

Yeah, you know;

we shook on the corner there;

what do you mean there.

Over there.


sometimes we’d get so tired we’d just pass out; on the corner;

like dad.

We’d pass out;

and then we’d wake up and do it again;

shake on the corner.

Did anybody say anything.

no! why would anybody say anything.

I don’t know because they thing it’s weird.

Son! Dancing is not weird; don’t let anybody tell you that. I mean that.

Anyway to answer your quest-ion; look it up! ; they did think that we were really young.

Like how young.


Well how old were they I mean you.

Oh twenty.

So not that much older than two.

No! I was twenty-five.

Yeah; not that much older than two.

We were in Kuwait once; on a college trip. Well we were just engaged.

And we did it there, too.

Everybody clapped. Well on the avenue we were on.

No really.


Part Phew. That’s what you thought write All of the derivations of talking shit.

If you ever talk shit to my brother again. I’m gonna kill you; one way and then another; not one way or another.

I’m going to talk shit to him; and not you. You understand.


I’m gonna charge you with unjust homicide.

d’ad: charge ’em with unjust homey side.


Part Three. I’m not like you “guys”

I live for the kill;

and I might form a Dick;

if it lets; me kill.


Oat For. Get, to, ben rouge.


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