The Baby Trail

I wanted to tell you something, kids.

Way three babies.

one was his bladder.

the other was his feces;

the other was well what we call his snot.

Within his; in such as the Lord’s framework applied

were all applicables;

We had bladder, feces, and snot problems;

that baby would be squeezed and puckered;

and your problem would be disappear.

Would be disappear;

it turned out in baby afflications;

those weren’t really your problems;

those were he problems.

cartoons I do like, bike.

cited: rugrats



In their non baby conglomerate

the se un the late room

and bell out my brother … s name

as if it’s middle school and we’re in o hi o [cited: fifth grade]

and as if they are actual children;

bullies aren’t real bullies there; they turn to cited; bully sticks

that the animals yawn to as their gums bleed in strength in no pain

then of course;

they stop

bleeding forever.


she really tikes teal sweat hers

and pop cans in trash cans; that are large like suburban houses.

theme: suburban

theme music citation: Just a Baby Boy



swing low;

and it widens

it changed his blood

and he’s now ..

. yeah; your’acist not.

base aches



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