The solution to [enter italics] cited: bingo [exit italics] BIN, Go! ; I don’t where: con, t’acts but;

I was wondering on the boat

if there is as team that rocks

and does a boat rock happy or rather does it swing like a bat;


Last night the sun was baring my naked eye

and I was not a naked I;

thank God.


I wonder if we can see birds and then dial tones.


If we can sea birds and dial tones; you mean you didn’t know that birds hum?

then we can move isn’t that won’t hmmph. means.

Oh beams I wonder about sow much;

and dark binnows are my candle wicks.

what’s a bin, now or what are bin, nows. ?


hmmph; then we can move to bin, now[s]; and there’s more than one now1, now 2 now3; oh let me include the reminder now12a now34c nowdc1 nowcb2 … and we’re having so much fun; it’s called hmmph. is now fun.

I was wondering;

if we have contacts for the I ploy

that are like sun con tacts.

or what do you gall it; shrunken pieces for the I , I , I , I , I , and i? i? i? i? I?

to for now; only? move away from your self -bestoon prob lets

why arethey or are they shrunken built in sun glass lenses to the I ball;

h a ha ha ha lenses ha ha I, I, I … i, i, i …

and then the next would be another extra ordinary lair.

or Layer; or both. Hmmph.

I really have to make a ph-one c’all

I really have to make a f-one, c, all.

I really have to have to. stars ph-f/

part two. I was so i’m pressed

by the brakes on that engine; and of course do engines have brakes

that I figured you had to get more gas for your pastoral trips and like we call batch.

part thre/e and they stole his tan car too; if they couldn’t actually prove he stole it; but like he had a job; why’d you stole a car if you had have a job; you didn’t but could somebody else steel a car when they have a job. Oh cited: Job, I miss your star.

bin, go!

I like that firm dress; it’s like form. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha!

yea, you do it; enough work’s been done; but you’re gonna keep going that way bender soon: enlightenment not bummer soon enlightenment ; and yea, still ooh, do it!

bin, go!

Enter Tag:  {Moksha Recipients and Anushka pints} {sp?} that’s a High I.

part four. If even she? s scared

shell just shaker way through it.

it stops at shell


the ease st wau to climb is a web; and

that’s where easy is the right , good thingie.

part four; advertisements are interviews; I didn’t no?



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