The Case of the Broken Toilet

A tree still grows dead … like that other cited title ; sort of, never red it.


If you keep forcing him to be what he wasn’t and not wat he is

the intersection of the set of what he wasn’t and wat he is

is a scary thing;

called 2nd Vietnam.

I’m planning on running through the scented river of green stuff

that tastes like ben new

and the clock swings never my way.

There used to be the experience that was called the ordinary Deva;

tis was a swinging thing of shar-pe plate something like quite like extraordinary Deva;

oink quite a lot bike it screams to my face;

it didn’t dream about the conception of vengeance and that was the only difference;

and of course so much like that all else it was stolen;

I hate stolen things!

The? decided to break the oil et before I got there; and then they decided to scream and I turned that to fiction: ice cream

and they said it was because I was the rong race;

and I wondered how it could be because they did the same thing to those that were the right race.

If you don’t want the ben to swing your way;

you’ve got to join;

after I finish the first brake of the race;

but don’t worry I’m not going anywhere;

I’ll be along your side.


It’s the only way to STOP the past-or that isn’t the goo’ on

showing off;

without showing you harm.

Oui, all miss the goo’ on.



In the case of the broken toilet with the feces of another you’re not friends with; or with in anyway; you’re gonna need a scent sponsor or maybe to, o, another to think about it: I don’t have one on me; or at all; but god we can wish like a wishing well can’t we and there’s gotta be more than one derivation of wishing well can’t we when the fake cops destroy our wishing wells that are not just imaginary. Oh pah it doesn’t exist!

Did I already say; sorry I’m dealing with repeated hate crimes, it reminds me of a tea I used to drink while on that campus especially but not just.


You are charged with a hate crime against her for not letting her grieve.

Why would you let that happen;

I love my brothers and all like them; and I love so little.

Oh become enlightened don’t grieve! that’s what you need.

Look: !



citing blueq of course for product and product image-ing including info.  again and my art brief over and old art mine underneath

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