What I want instead: Police Recruiting Advents

I was looking

at police recruiting

flyer; copy; and


I was horrified

by what {draw star IMG_20170704_184022[1]} saw as

the requirements. Because

these requirements in

my educated and experienced

opinion ; are not

requirements for such

a career; in the

idiot mind’s terminology

these requirements

stated being completed

won’t hurt you;

but simply are not

needed, requested; and

not sufficient on their


What I want instead:


-relevant age appropriate

or age advanced gang

or gang-like work

without committing ; having

committed illegal and

or non-reformed crime.

[Hint : Start Thinking about

what legal, reformed,

and non-crime

“looks” like in any


-history with trauma

either trauma;

or experience volunteering

and-or working in

trauma; and or both.

[Trauma for this advertise

ment is defined as … ]



and replacement

advertisement is:

anything that inflicts on

the psychic-bodily or not

sphere unjust, unrelenting

injury [-ies].

history of trauma as

such derived

prior to joining the

force is an absolute

un-exempt case

necessity of this

date-year, prior to it;

and until, otherwise

further approved

for change:


demonstration of

some level of empathy

either through a personal

essay or in-person

or recording (audio,

video, etc.)

and-or simulation

of this term;

if even in a fictional

form. [Rough and

uncorrected writing

or speech is fine;

but I am looking

for about a 1,000

word count. ]

-a willingness to walk

and drive and or

be seated for long

periods of time [

and the most

latter in especially

of cases of disability]

how to prepare:

prior to hopeful

entry practice walking

5 miles approx. at least

twice-a-week at once

for about six months.

Expect that this

is just a movement

building block;

and the cost

will be higher

in schedule of

actual police

work. If disabled;

please call:

xxx-xxx-xxxx; for

other prepatory

effective exercises : or


Things to note:

(1) If you need to [as assigned]

work behind wheels,

and don’t have a

DL; fulfilling other

requirements; we

will help you complete

such requirements.

(2) if you had / have

a particularly t-matic

expo life; and certain

acts of your identity

are hidden from

from your regular declarations

then; expect that

I conceive that as

standard … if asked

you can just

respond: “I’m

too traumatized

to discuss that (…)


-If you have any

inquiries past these


citations; please

include in your

hand in; you or

somebody with or

without you must

in-person bring in

to my office; and

leave me a way, method

to contact you …


criminal, non-reformed

theme: all library

materials will be

picked up for


[on announcement]


Remnants of C-n




The San ctity of Poppy




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