From “No Food or Drink”

I always think;


what about the folks with health issues; what if they can’t run to the outside fast enough; or the water fountain; before the hell breaks out on their forehead;

I was thinking about

{ pay close attention }

and the bud rams

you want to see a green flower with silver eyes

and overcoming the assault

and {pay close attention}

this is how that disease starts

that’s the only way he wants you; or tatter;

that’s the only reason he wants you;

tatter raison d’better tatter silver eyes; tatter silver dishes; tatter ice cream and desserts; tatter all greenery; and tatter white bags finally filled with bush;

{pay close attention}

you know he thinks about it;

but you know! he can’t think about it;

because you can’t; tatter they say it’s the enlightened that teach you how to carry karm;

but anybody with a bag;

sholders silver rug;

can tell you how to cram a karm.

Look for who has back.

His face winces; she has no empathy; there’s no reason to live; and his face winces;

but when his face winces someone or several someones or many someones have to win; it says winces; someone wins; or else of course there would be no real wince; it has already happened.

tatter how do you see blind;

tatter blind;

tatter see incorrect; tatter blind tatter tatter tatter.

after it winces it turns read; of course nobody’s face actual turns read; without turning; wince oh wince oh; tatter tatter.

oh I forgot to ove, come the disease; you have to become the dis, ease. ha ha ha wince.

I can’t do that I was in an earthquake with him;

and I mean I was in an earthquake with both of them.




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