The Scene at the library fiction to post after 71417 ;

I was coughing actually
well I think we think we heard laughing
I was coughing I swear
Well he says we saw you small
I was grimacing
You know grimacing like in rape
grimacing like you would to survive a rap
That’s enough out of you;
But I wasn’t speaking.
Yes you were we can all hear you here
Wait I wasn’t speaking; I’m a mute I swear.

part two. do you know what showmanship is; showmanship is a characteristic trait that comes from being alone; at the wrong times;
but not at all of the wrong times;
yeah some of them I guess, I’ll show you
It has to do with a certain bright portal of no specified color ; and how to create it in a group when no-one else like of your character or will be character is around.
oh, how do you do that?

part three. I don’t know when I get to be an adult maybe I’ll get more inhibited.


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