It’s the trong wrong perse!

what  i mean is no i’t s not ;

you’re way to-o happy

because it’s — you are too bad/ wrong is a better word for it;

of a person;

to be that happy all the time;

what have you done,


so I’m a bad , evil person;

I said wrong perse.

You of all; shouldn’t be smiling like that ; it’s my happiness. or mirth;

It’s My , Mirth.


The Seal Deal. Choice Gurl. 

I’m not gonna do that; that’s not but c. dea; means; I’m not gonna let sum k you in the gut when you sea dea.

If you keep being a girl; I’m gonna kill your brother.


? || and that’s really not my brother, or my father, or my mother; or my aunt; or my grand pop || ||like,

not even ||

theme: not even

theme music citation: Nelly Furtado Do it [again]


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