Triangle star.

Missing Hands. [the Steal.] like in cited: baseball.

The connotations of rape.


I was trying to figure out how to move into the borough.

Triangle star.

I thought to use my hands;

And then I remembered that some don’t have hands; but like those that don’t deserve that.

I remember how hard it is for me to grab larger things;

Like with a woman’s hands;

Triangle star.

Probably because some who don’t deserve that; don’t have hands.

It seems such a small deal; to not have hands; but that’s only because I think some deserve that;

Like if you didn’t deserve that; missing hands;

It wouldn’t be such a small deal.

You wouldn’t be able to stop smashing plates traffic

With your palms. \ Like you’re a god. What’s the point. Ha ha ha. When you become a god or like the equivalent; you stop wondering what’s the point of what you are; it’s kind of.

Obvious; ha ha ha ha.

Ha ha ha!

I was thinking of quadrant on a green patch; and how military training except for a few a slant of this generation just hasn’t made it. There could be nothing more fun of triangle stars on a green patch.

I used aptitude to heal the trauma of thought that some don’t have hands who don’t deserve it; I didn’t even think about the next step; it’s funny the step of steel. I see it everywhere; and I didn’t think of it.

Well if I have small hands as a woman; and I can’t grab large things; but still lift large a-or heavy things; well then; maybe I’d be a different type of man. A triangle star.

I wouldn’t have gender dysphoria or all that fun stuff; because like I’m already a God; and that’s the point; ha ha ha ha.

It all happens at once; it doesn’t have to for you if you don’t want; it can happen in stages; but for me one minute I’m a baby and another a marshall; and another a baby marshall.

What has palms and isn’t your hand[s]; and is rarely lost; your bum of course; so use your bum to move; and you will be able to move reliably. It’s funny they broke my tailbone when I made that discovery; it was like perverse but not at all perverted. A repetition. Ha ha ha.

Even with a broken tailbone you can still move with your bum; and it gives an odd tone to the phrase, catch all: Bums.

Then use the next palm; now you’re understanding the hand whether you have them or not;

Which of course is the face; even matted; then use the next reliable palm; like the space of the chest; and then use the next palm; the space of the back; all I had to do was invent something; called the woman; and everybody who deserved it would have hands or hands-like; or leaves; [paws] if even of steal. Ha ha ha ha.

Hands too weird to grab right;

[male] but can lift anything;

Bum doesn’t break if even what breaks around it; if even it scars; it doesn’t break;

Face is not necessary  for look but for view;

Even with know I’s ;

Chest is not needed but in space structure;

And back is not needed except in space structure;

Now you know how to use your hands better; or that hand equivalent better



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