The l-petrid flagrant.

The l-petrid flagrant.


We hope for the flamboyance of rimmed risks;

And hined flisks; they are contrapted into contagion;

All of the lingo-istics; are the sticks of herr;

And the bone is a click;

Now you have the sage ick rick; we visit in the flags of flask

And hernias are interchanged with minty creams like singing cig keys no chain;


Let’s pre feign the picket wick.

It’s so ostensibly cited: sat but with dots;

And it’s so grumph paleo fizz ick

And it’s so repetitions are fusule for breaking china;

And fingered hangs.

Sang hernia into the toilet;

And sang the harm of flasks cented.

Bat beavers never got sold; and the Denver flinger was a friggin’ harm no’er.


Look idn’t that baby you.

Ha; id; you thought that was so complex;

And idn’t you thought that was so uneducated.

But both.

Or at least; idn’t that baby look like you.

All sewl.

And the mom heavy in heaving isn’t happy;

But yeah; she says yeah; it did look like hill

When hill was a baby.

Hill sisn’t a nay!


Grader stays we sing about sewl bebe and designer pink coats of whistle bricks; it’s a nice way to method the cooking of food. So disguised I can no longer see the image; sop, sop, sop, sop.


Bricks and skies

And green holes of powdered brown;

A face palette almost;

And there he is with tent and rope;

It’s time for a break at 6 am on an early evening of slime runs;

Run scope run scope run scope run,


And then sop.


So munch like used to be tooth feening.

How to create reality is always a quid question for now; for yourself to you. Too.

So instead of wheels; flowers;

And that’s so … but there’s nothing wrong with wheels; so wheels now sky.

And of course a lay up into the flower; so that’s what hats to dance. And existence; you’re right: animal. Existence: animal ethereal.

Crowns are accessible climb sectors or something.

In the end ; it or almost in the end it’s a waterfall;

So waterfalls get to stay. I guess I don’t know.

It’s the free, way.



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