The Night Party

Chopped liver; the impossible ‘ ?

The Night Party.

Paper in the hair

Shit that sticks to cups

And vomit that burns the genitals.

I hate. B.fa. but that’s not his real name.

That group stands outside as den in go:man! stalls;

And in circuit switches vomiting to my eye; and grossing me out;

And it’s too nasty as the tat fat bitch wenches about her hair.

Who cares about your hair when I’m being burned for being from Heaven.

You dumb b. fa.

Also I can’t taste the rose in my water;

It’s a gross sun sick sense; to pee in your poop;

It rminds me of chickens and hens and dolls of duck;

Oh that platter they couldn’t be the same; it’s not.

Don’t say possible. That

S not a good common word in that context.

The wall masturbating herself in the bedroom ; is not a relationship with her son.

Ugh! Well; spit; uhg; I don’t really think he’s really our son.

Who’s our.

Ugh; spit; you figure out.

Thank you I like my figure very much.

You’re very sick. You know that.

I know, I have cancer.

{the out.}

Like a tree there are spiders hanging upside down from my head. Upside down.

No you have to use a plastic bag.

We don’t have plastic bags.

No you have; you have plastic bags.

Don’t you remember? We’re poor; we don’t have plastic bags.

What does that make you.

I don’t know; poor.

Hahahha Not God.

But God started poor;

How long is a start.

We don’t know.

What does that make you.


Dumb and Not God; and no longer in God’s start.


I like the red fringe from the sun;

You think it regulates thinks.

Yep; I think it regulates thinks.

It reminds me of gymnastics in the wind;

Like gum wet and soppy almost salty  a cracker in your gum[s].

I like my pink goatee it reminds me of red don;

I’m becoming a man.


A glass funnel blast is a nice way to sea; see

If even you are blind;

See; sea.

It’s like patchwork mache’ when things are stable.

T ball is actually pretty important; it teaches you how to shoot; like forever.

And dazzling blue tulip.

Theme: dazzle

Theme music citation: original ghostbusters theme song



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