the great beauty; focus-e

The response to that of what is thought it should be is;

Focuse extreme; brainstorm excessively; and exert un-natural discipline over your movements even when it seems ridiculous.

His resolution is; gender configuration in practice

From that resolution enacted he’s come to one actual and likely complete solution like a math or physic [s]problem with the need for more than one answer; whilst one is enough still.

So …


… the actual definition of what it means in the non-traditional sphere of its primary perceivable use to its lay i.e. uneducated supposed consumer.


The Great Beauty.

Dedicated to B.M.F.

I nearly fell through the floor;

When Mrs. K

Told me she was a great piano;

I struck and I found

The gold that was no longer worthy of money;

It however was worthy of everything else; including fake man ey that could still be used.

Think horses; and your hore no whore’s no whores’ no hoarse voice can sing; voices can sing. Even if you can’t hear.

The Deel knob. Knob Knob. Knob Knob. It’s almost like a knaw. Why starve horses. [Or hoarses][Or h. whores]

holy whores. aren’t all whores.


  1. art statement

All you have to do is close your eyes and toon ; [ha] tune; the world out; or tune it in a different way


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