How’t juror high.

How’t juror high.


The Recent Entry.

I figured it hout;

Whey we have para sites:

Houses or homes are obviously spirited; unlike work buildings which just include spirits;

We can’t do that… insult them by being inside them.

I dun’t know; it’s weird; but it is.
that was when it wasn’t ; and you couldn’t see the house home n.e. way.

Theme: time

Theme music citation: gwen Stefani what  you waiting for


It’s like saying inhabit all humans for shelter; which is what those things do anyway;

And eventually for all your nutrients.

She uses his image; but it’s not believable

Le vable

And she’s like way uglier


Every structure has |  a weak spot;

Unless it’s perfected;

If it’s overall wrong; you find the weak spot;

And smoke a cigarette


Exorcise beings? Home, house, housed , … s



The Buildings’ Past

Text house editing

Get it; we never; the river knever know where they are coming from.

That’s the truth; but thanks to me; something called honesty;

We know when they are actually there [at any time][or no time]

You should try telling the truth;

The easiest way without processing it; is to say a-loud or like a-loud anything that you can; and see [see see] what pans.


The Present.

He stinks and grabs his absent  breast; as I play songs about the younger version of not quite the opposite gender; it’s a catch of that sick perversion that isn’t just perversion of art. I wish I could laugh.



The Future Participants.

Just add some blond[e] here. Hear hear.

o.k. you need to say yellow a lot now; like the color; you know like you like the collar yellow; like the sun; and how it limits you; but how can something like the sun limit you; it’s not. Sum something belsa.


The S’s like falls on a leaf. No, just one leaf; the rustle; it doesn’t sound like an/a s to you.

They whispered amongst themselves in stench.

Theirs of carousels.

How do you spell that. That that

That. The Librarian is wearing pink woman’s underwear. No one knows why since he’s not a cross dress. Er

How do you dress the cross or something.

What else did she tell me

no him [yell]

Why don’t you just ask me I’m standing right here

No I’m not gonna tell me.

See your e to o dumb to know that he deserved it; I just proved it.

No! that doesn’t mean anything;

Ho said that?




The routine.

Oh I go[r]dot. Forgot

Get it it’s like cited: that code.

Don’t think smat about mrs. … [this line is an f. art statement][the first part with application]

I felt a baby kick with his palms but in my side though ; ten should be part of the routine; even if y ou haven’t been ten;

The sympathetic ten also.

You can’t feel that though; you’re only ten.

I don’t know what to tell you; I know there’s more than one;

I’m pregnant; ten. Claps.


The True Hint. Like a Tint of Here.

Your kidnapper wants you to sit apart now for a while; you’re getting too close

[But we’re already friends]



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