Are you really Gay? The Lay of Brenda Hamla


Breakin’ the Law:

Fire the duck-in librarians for god’s and gay’s sake.

status: two of two failed checks; with an arm of approximately five on two ends only;


Their-there are only two songs that work on the stereo;

at the public library [strike, -ies]; the librarians and their accomplices have broken nearly every public computer; and also other things; if you ask them to stop breaking things; they say shut up you dumb n.

or else I’ll put you away like a scene from real life;

they are homophobic [non-reformed] pedophiles; and I’m tired of them living off my dollar.

at the public restroom a fake child obstructs the entry-way in a guise of helpful and yells slave as her grandpa farts in the theft the[] accuse you of; to be accused you have to consent; uh uh uh; she tells me she’s gonna put me away if I don’t start stealing.

Steel >>Steel >>Steel.

Steel >>Steel >>Steel.

Steel >>Steel >>Steel.



Brenda Hamla was being

stalked and so she killed her

son, who was gay; says the report

it happened but the truth is

she was stalking herself; this

pattern continued on and a stinking

man in a purple jacket who was

posing as homeless threatening people

unjustly having raped both bosses and boys; and third:

and, adult women;

working his way Up? to adult men

and then female children; …

was coveting

of all things

stalking of

Brenda H.’s

of herself;

and really want

[duh; you have no empathy-fiction is also regular writing practice]

ing to rape her

late teenage son.

That want was

enough to

destroy His



The[] really want to kill gay men with vaginas.




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