Say Stem Work : Marriage Corrodes Your Existence.

say stem sounds so much like


of course i might tell you about


I was wondering what the f* the librarian was doing on break

in the patron seating area; but as soon as I complained about the noisy laughing;

he changed images virtually pretending to be God; and populated the sap even more widely calling me and it obese.

I decided;

finally that of course I would never be wed;

it was too sick of a concept for me;

but for another it would could work.

I hate A.C. ! for forcing him to wed when he was just a babe of fife ten.

In the humidity of that stoic’s expression; we weren’t sure if we’d survive; but we were sure that we shot to.

then I saw that we’d look so much wed

Yesterday; a teenage boy ? said he would be shot me. And I couldn’t say it right; because my … is the shot, un-change-able.


In my world; everybody is asian or they are not;

and if they are not; well then there is something culturally wrong with them; like the[y] like stinking up places; and saying it’s r some-boy elses doing


the woman behind me is fat and ugly;

and her husband wears a woman’s short shorts and calls me such;

so I hate marriage

I bat my eyes to recover for all the times I was hit instead of them; and not because that was the rite of way.

I wonder if that makes my eyes, balls; like baseballs or … softballs?

My softballs can’t see very well ; because it’s easier to be blind when you’re hit too many times wrongfully; but that’s a different context of easier;

not like that sloppy couple; it’s easier to be them. I miss heaven among the pink scribble,

and my brother was raped seven times because of them; I vowed to never speak to him ever again; where ever again was a very long time; and I made his father do the same;

knock on the door, strength; like an address:

s-t-r-e-n-g-t-h as panels of letters on a wood door now used for living tombs; how time has evolved; since

my birth.

You couldn’t shun him; well that brother;

because I simply couldn’t speak to him; so at all.

And now they just raped themselves seven times; and pretended in sickness that

it was him.

I t deformed my left I and I could no longer find my father; or any of my fathers; I took that as a sign;

to co-exist as an adult while I was a child with the other adults so you wouldn’t be able to tell us a tale apart. The two sets of the two.


ohmygod! the hless people should walk even more; the bus has been defined by its lowes t limit


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