The rape of Duke, in a for run land.

In the past ; Duke used to enjoy pallying tetherball like the rest;

of us kids.

then something happened; a crack in a voice;

duke saw a hit of a glass and no shatter;

and he was struck; by what happens when there is no shatter.

First; is there no option of shatter; and when there is no such;

does it mean the p-a-i-n of the shatter



Second; because [good Duke!] saw this happen to someone else;

he thought was there a way that was coherent to educate others about it.

Third; Duke recognized there was no training in how to become coherent about its description; the hit in itself was not coherent.

So Fourth; Duke thought he had to follow a slowly working path; to work his way up to how to describe the hit. He picked up what work he could as he moved the working path.

Fifth; when he was a quarter into the working path; he was struck again by the obscenity of oust patterns; there was a bang; and a man jumped onto his back; after it was over; he shrieked like a girl and lost his gender; and got on their barely working phone; but he knew for this call like for some others it would work. He called the cited: us marshalls office as he was in a different country; as this was the only authority number in their fashionable and historic fone boo’.

Boo’a I saw a strike too; from his pint; and I mined it to create a glass like hammer that couldn’t break; but could only be used by who had to hold the shatter; so what if you were in neither category. [the Shatters]

Ad: you have to stop the enforced holding of the shatter.

Somebody whould have to figure you into how to use-ing the unbreakable glass like hammer.

For me that is the start of recovery;

but recovery of course means something else to me than it does to not Dukes.

theme: hue blue roses are reign-bows

theme music citation [again?]: the chainsmokers – roses


Glass arte

like asia;

like even just the airport;

each object is like art;

it even smells like art.

the gross sticki ness of materialism is like no longer or isn’t or both.


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