Knot children for; he also looks like a bee.

Knot children for; he also looks like a bee.

He’s one of the nicest persons in the world.

So I’m gonna man the engine.

He always smells good; not like a few others; and not like a few.

He’s very muscular in work; which is also rare.

I wonder how we come to be in that way.

He also looks like a bee.

Lots of girls have a crush on him.

It’s fun to turn that crush into a curse for him.

They wanted him to be a the center of hate crime.

Which of course could never happen; so instead I became the center; but not just; me:

But of course that wouldn’t last.

He’s complete lacking that thing; and so he understands body systems; I always thought he was a doctor not regular traditionally made.

He also looks just like his sister or brother.

And she’s really really pretty.

There are so many mimics.

He also bends over strange; and he also works in way that you wouldn’t understand. He’s also not for you to deal with. It’s called unbent; most everyone else is bent.

He and his sister or he and his brother move almost nothing alike; so by that you won’t be able to figure out that they are related. It’s a mask of a sort; but of course it’s not meant to work for everyone.

He’s also good very good with animals; with like no training like the scary animals; he’s also not interested in what you say, and it’s not because he’s dumb. But if you thought that’s why he wouldn’t care; it would be good riddance.

He’s also like really good at math; which I told almost nobody else ever; like he was my only math tutor back when I could actually make a C.

His sister or brother is very tall, also.

He also has really dark blue eyes so he doesn’t look exactly normal; but otherwise he’s supposed to pass for non noticeable average in general overall look of vanity; and not of this way; in of course overall look of beauty performance.

Let’s chain the topic please before I blow a fuse.

Chain is fuse isn’t it.

You are already trying to eat her identity like a peach.



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