Changing Socks.

The flare ball. {The Combat sonal.} Change-ing Sock            … [s].

Tag[s]: d.v. fiction

Oh sick crud.

You don’t.

Have to be a feisty mark.

You can cringe to waters on shore : scene; or share


But never a two see.

And that’s why I’m dem it.



It’s just an interaction ball.


Then there was cited:

Lindt chocolate

In that same shape;

At least a bit of of of it.


On the toilet,



{0, 0} + { infinity} = it nulls zero, and it does not null zero again.

How come; this isjust fic\tion and not math or let me include the brackets … so it makes more sins …

{0,0} + {infinity} = {null 0, non null 0} so now we know more about the character of zero …

Apparently 0 has a charge or rather is charged.

Imagine it on a football field, a charging; is that how you come to have charged or be charged.

Apparently 0 is a string; that at least fluctuates from charge to non charge based on infinity and its nearness to it: I guess non-charge is something like rest 0 or rest charge

At charge 0 is on the football field becoming charged or  having a charge [s];

At non charge 0 is seated on the bench; change-ing  socks


The Walking envelope.

With green curves,

Less non pathological homicidal

Post, card


Maybe the moon will start blowing flowers,



Wons that smell good.


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