yarn art: to frolic on the bil’l

he sat there with his coffee cup

not sure if life would be better as a he or a she

he thought this is so boring being confined

outside of the hills

he also memorized many lines from his


and it was fiction:

he was reminded that so he would be ready for college

and that he didn’t identify with the mail experience of running to collect it; there was nthing he looked forward to there; he was just a kid.

the mug reminded him of a clay pot; and was this loca’stream basic co?

ad: inside it was milk  [cited: milk commercials]

he figured he’d give the growing thing a try er

he wore purple and the hill was very green perfectly cultivated in a land of poor; it was the symbol of great wealth; his and theirs,

he forgot to look at the sky and instead perhaps not instead; perhaps rod he looked at the pool ,

they must have been a simile


and it, he , his psyche smelled like soap;

soap that had a very strong smell. and was a cheap sell.

it dried out his hair and so he poured milk into the limb.

A mix; perhaps they were meant to belong to one another.

theme: now, your spirit is cured forever.

theme music citation: dr. dre, snoop dogg, nuthin’ but a g thing

well, I constant; revel in its invention.

blue is for the nesting. oar the nest.

it’s rag art.

now you know how to flower words



the flowers have to jiggle to get rid of the wrong wa y to jiggle.

y , jiggle


it’s also yarn art.

part two.


Call them fries fiction to post on 8817

To ruth,

My father wanted me to share this image

Of my for,


Some of it: are a few wool man.

It’s a funny joke

To ware wool on your aches.

It’s a cry to fry


And call them fries.


Does lemon make your feet past due;

Smell more sense ic;

It’s a funny coce; to eel harm into the funnel fuse of lined of course concrete; we are wearing your feet; they laugh;

Ha ha ha;

It’s ways a skid;

If it’s not a strike;

And we’re at to ruth,


[see here for a copy of part ,,, two : Call them fries fiction to post on 8817 ]


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