tag[s]: psychic name fiction


I see a clock on you that can never tick;

Like all the time you or somebody you needs on the tinker;

and I see in you lots of books that are been very careful.

I see water in your stomach but no there’s no ache

I don’t see that it’s a river or a pond; if even thing it’s like more like the ocean;but just a bit said of it.

I see in you immense sadness; that’s never going to be cured;

so[w] don’t worry not everything needs a cure in the way that it’s experienced;

it could for example be a power of sadness.

use it like a timed clock; and life and death; living as dead will never be plain;

Just like your looks.

you are just like your looks; this is a sign of a true beauty; and with such beauty

you can do anything.

it sounds a pity to say you are or which you are

so rather; Witch,

You are.


cited theme citation: the witch of blackbird pond. e.g.s.

You are looking for sea horizon.


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