Backwater basics; For 101617

[and in this form, too: Backwater basics]

Instead of bullets are these things supposed to stick

They say thecan kill an animal, no not the bullets;

And he might need surgery to recover.

It’s of  course the reflection image placement; my godwhat kind good that me.

Orange waters

We don’t want to abolition sex

And for all.

Not so.

But there is still this thing called rape or this thing oval called molest. The neck, lace.

So abolition sex for sum.

Hand peels in the grocery store, aren’t cool.

Then of coarse rode; the continuation


theme: coarse ow! Burns

theme music citation: Britney spears I’m a slave 4 you


The intention jewel free

Everytime they stink, the die.

This is how jewels are must be; made.

Of course the bullet hole is the gem; so you wear a gem and like the moves of movies? The two are connected in real what magical tradition.

Do objects experience; suffering.

Pink SET


Perchance say ‘em

Pee Wings

Heart sea dream

Hippie HEART




Hey, let me tell you

cited: the spirit work out fiction, [version fiction]

if you have pupils you can detach the pupils from your eyes [pupils i, sss, and metaphysics]

and use those as they are: bullets



[the original, on the sharp and sharp]





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