Damp CarSeats

dedicated to j.a.c./b.c.

[and also available in this form: today’sfiction ]


tags[]: animal fiction

There were damp seats with vans in the view of side front. How odd to see the vans slighted in size agains the benches that nobody could sit on; I guess she didn’t think of that either; what a puss.


I was thinking that we should all have an infinite number of puss suits; for the burn and even when we are not burned; we can balm our selves if that’s what a body is; a selves. Those rickety and dusty whines pail to grab and placement; selves aren’t belongings like that but I msure that everybody nos that. Selves aren’t shelves to uh, store on; but uh shelves can be selves; can’t they.

The animated shelf. Tis not that methodical to look at; but to build or conscribe un-animated that’s methodical.

What are we talking about here. Green grass, sprung whine, trickling drops the clichés of boredom; are of course and usually the clichés of boar-dom: roam boars and flag tomatoes. First of all, I was planning on eating that cheese, …, so that’s one pointe. And the second pointe: is that it hasn’t been made yet; and when that seen is made; it won’t be bore, but boar.

Flagging trunks for wide earnings. Maybe that’s why they depict elephants to that.

Then the puss would be trapped between our selves and the suit; prior to wearing the clothes; burned or not; clothes would offer a level of comfort that they already offer but not everybody can feel.

I think that trail needs to be cleared out of the base material which has changed convex since all the homeless people have been forced out of more places; and stalked everywhere; elsewhere; it’s full of that charb that jabs you in a way before you can feel; and then hurts the moment you start to ; and get to the point of feel; that’s how my emotions developed how about you. What would you fill it with; something brush; that didn’t need to be watered that much; oh pout; not because you don’t like water; but because how would you lay on it. If it sprinkled you whet; in a violent manner; you wouldn’t want to respond to that interaction with water; or whatever that distilled liquid is. When it acted that way; you might want to walk away from it; but on the up pie; it does un-coarsen that group of task so you never know it what it’s nature is. I mean its nature is. And I suppose that could be a good thing; as long as you don’t get too close to it; you might note hurt by something’s nature ; that was so right.

I wonder about the balm; I would apply under the puss suite. The trap against the skin would keep the puss from burns from moving; and you could change into one of the new suites everytime you used the bathroom; you know under your clothes; puss suites would be readily available and balmed; for most to wear under their clothes as needed or desired; my god, the surreal experience of over the skin.

Wearing a puss suit, where; under your clothes; you might be or look like you are of a religious cut: you are, the one that believes in comfort on the body. And if you don’t oath to that belief: well then you can’t be wearing a puss suit, burning or not.

theme: eggs

theme music citation: fantasia even angels (again)


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