Something Called The Grip

[and also in this form: There was a rent of non]

Dedicated to my cousin Jason; no, the other, no, the other Jason. And “no won” knew we were related. Ah, but we sound, look, and move almost exactly alike. Is that a relation definition. The wind turns into a turbine tower; and we have a combust; and now the people are burned. But Jason that’s what you and I wished for; and our I’s gleam with non-coveting. They are yes, yea or something called tears. Something Called.



There was a rent of non-homogenized pain;

I was winding my grip;

And the otter showed up dressed in his clothes;

As the otter’s baby dazzled around people that didn’t belong to him;

I guess it that was a baby he,

He, he, he , he.

HeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE feels like mutilative pain more.

I searched for an ambulance to cave near; but Ionely saw one wave buy; with no drivers.

I guess I didn’t have medical insurance according to the man in the all blue,   that the fake cops are still looking for.

Although, I’ve already said I won’t hire them; they still Don, the uniforms that will never be there’s.

What is it a sign to do.

Hire more cops. Not all playing for a “regular” uniform.


Teach combat art.


Show {a} women more; this isn’t the flippin’ middle east, god, lavender.


Block all police calls; using a filtering process out/in


Block all virtual recordings; using a filtering process out/in


Break up all non-useful families.

Already done.

Reference your name repeatedly; or all your names that you can recall.




You know, no, you no,

You are very sick

You are very jewish.


But I’m not actually jewish; and in response to your statement just earlier; and not just; I’m not sure if that’s racist. But I don’t want to lie more than change my statement and since you’re already lying more than both of us have been accounted for, I’m not actually Jewish.


Like pearls, I’m not actually Jewish.

Like blue streaks; I’m not actually Jewish.

Like green matter; I’m not actually Jewish.

Like slab steak; I’m not actually Jewish.

No, these don’t make me uncomfortable; I’m not actually Jewish.


So, become a vegetarian.  Some of the time, in a rhyme or so, anyway; it will solvent the prowl.

It was disguised as a normal soup; but actually playing it was; is, called skid row. Maybe he can instruct you in skid row. You just ask.



theme: playing skid row

theme music citation: runaround sue dion



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