Don’t fret no apostrophe no apology


 [and also in this form: Don]

Dedicated to r.t. and d.a.y.m.




about it he was heavily abused on durgs as a hill;

and so;

He’s perfect with hills.

Don’t fret.

The skirt fret;

And the bananas wide;

Fret wide fret wide and you have a subway

This is not about sex!

Escort the hill,

It’s a duff of crying wail; oh, you don’t sea the green of blade, grass. Suh suh suh

If it were me, I’d stick as glose to the blade as possible; it would control all that, danger coming toward me and in General. That’s just if it were me. You gotto be thank-full for the Blade. You gotta be.

It feels its own pain first; like you,

Just remember, [at][a][at][a]

Bat, that it feels its own first;

and so neither will know who each is; until after something is in pain;

But you should know which is whiches even if they don’t

It’s not as hard as it sounds;

It’s just the way,




So Jump on a Subway,

Where nothing is in pain;

Too fast,

That type of subway

Go! Too fast, and nothing that doesn’t deserve it will feel ,




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