The Fiction Biorhythm Test

[and also in this form: The Fiction Biorhythm Test]

I was thinking of big hug her; and I don’t mean; that I wanted to big hug her; I bet you think that she’s lying; who is she me or her.

Uh, I dunno.

I bet you want a pant: feature.

So features used to mean the glade of your nose how it hangs there; like a their straw of grass;

and I think that means soliciting presents is the right way to be of men.


Did you know, that’s what that means; I feel like it’s a or is it an homage.

I wonder what a big starred bright thick twig might look like falling out of the damn; the crocodiles on the phone; they are like what, bat, it’s a part of my hand.

You’re like you dummy bug; I’m like well I like some bugs; a dummy bug when you like some bugs; just sounds like a necessary tool;

You tool!

Uh, what I was saying you’re like you dummy bug; crocodiles don’t have hands.

Oh you haven’t seen those cute petrid things; you’re never going to be pregnant, never have been, and or accomplicing a pregnancy; pregnancies like it’s a necessary good for the whirl,


Or crimes.

On some planets or places we are (all, ak) crocodiles non-animal and or animal variety.

Can you just,

Cringe tale.

Well newed is like-ing no lying about dick’s.

All animals are in the end; and also in thy beginning dancers; they might not just be done with their standard high transistor achievement.

Yes that’s right things that you want to just jump over it; and that’s what it wants; it’s called a supportive uh piece.



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