Boats and Crucifixes

[and also in this form: Boats and Crucifixes]

He was an interesting pander; it wasn’t quite th’time for pandas and giraffes.

She was also him; her eyes didn’t twink, but when he switched from he to she,

In the puttering dreams and wish washes of tadpoles he was still thinking about about poles and hanging boys on them; when he couldn’t hang boys on them he’d threaten them with his fists; but if you were a real man even as a boy,

Or hint: as a girl, he, he, he

You’d see those knuckles belonged to a wimp; no matter its size: why the tadpoles, you’d think

Could never fist anything really;

You’d think about then what real fists were because they were boar to you,

And it would be hanging coats in sky,

He, he he he he he.


It’s like a dog, really; even the big ones,

Are usually so much smaller than you, even if you’re short; like really short;


Except for the rare of midgetry;

And some of them are even female; at any moment a real dog, could Dog you

Jump your taller than it back; you’re heavier much than it body, and poke you to death, in the real way of poke while it had you pinned; all of your friends and ally-ies being unreal unable to move to assist you,

How’s this

Talll black? Man

Walks to jump your back,

But you’re a dog; only able to pin it,

Before it he she they can crimp you that way;

The hair crimpers is just a reminder to be friendly even if you aren’t to real animal coats;

It’s a way of bearing arms that always work, even when you don’t have


Ha ha ha


theme: tadpoles

Again, theme music citation: Pearl Jam Jeremy


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