Keep The Dog Safe, Prayer

[also in this form: fictionfor7818]

tag[s]: bathroom fiction poetry , …

In the bathroom; there is this crud not spilling out of your ass;

It’s a bit freaky to discuss; and she’s a non fathoming non useful variety of freak;

Those dogs they are a different than us species; and so it is that may;

That cannot be a dog or any other different from us species.


At night; the dog is has turned to a knight; and works as a police doggie; or a police officer; or a doggie security officer;

We need to tuck near the dog’s limbs to keep them safe; him Safe.

As we cannot weed to take the dog were every;

And we need to coax the tails of furrowing mass on the stand-tall; and that mass; of course is al no

Nail polish and means fur; it’s true that then at least even Clare

Nail polish; burns un






When the dog dies; he wall just turn to a police officer and mostly already trained and ready to go; has been going; and this is a good dream: to keep the dog safe; too,

You wouldn’t understand that , you think police officers get shot in the Bee of Non-Duty; that’s just the fake cops;

Tis it hardly a payer.


Tease it stands the hallowing hare on the ends; in this species it doesn’t hurt; and this is one version of hygiene.


To get Wheels, The missing dots; ha, ha cited: gandhi

She won’t leave me alone! She rolls into the bathroom; and her hands are parched on her elbows; she’s depriving all of has of liquid; and at the end: she purposes this unholy odor; i.e. not because of

; hence unholy,

Illness or such; just to be sick; to make you.

Can you imagine starting like that.

All the dogs pant?

|| Dog, Doggie, Dogs, Doggies Dog ||


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