The Obvious

[also in this form: fictiontopost82618]

His trunk was between like that of a humming thing,

And that water milk thing, called an ele …

There were lots of lots around me and they were guiding Noise.

[Yuh, right; that’s funny]

I’m pretty sure that yellow string is supposed.

To be pretty, and not you-glee   [the point is: what if both were the same,]

Finally the garden or the wild or the greenery or uh all three, started to bloom!

I c-o-u-l-d see it.

Uh, I think the exclamation mark is at the wrong segment point; but it’ls like lakes () (  ) (  ) close enough.

Uh, I’m goin gto flutter some to Death,

This one is all about pants, panter panter, pants.

I’m so happe,

I’m very happe.


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