How I became the near prefect; what’s enough.

At fifteen when the girls were immersed in lipstick and not really comprehending eye shadow; it was too physical for them; to understand the shimmer; I was celebrating my pastoral birthday in the ghetto; I walked with a stutter of … Continue reading How I became the near prefect; what’s enough.


fiction to post: Jet I used to have issues with the physical body; how disgusting it was no matter how holy you were; the very beauty of hair would make me curl into a wrenching gore of a scream that … Continue reading Jet

“The Trucks”

“The Trucks” art fictional series, date: 82316 tags: comede noir Why are there seven versions of his truck, from. he saw somebody in the passenger seat in his truck, that day. (it felt like the ’30s) was he born in … Continue reading “The Trucks”