the next soul pieces and tres trees

{Be you.}{Knight} & [Trees} {Tres Trees} I don’t give a flying what you think; Work is work. It’s done it gets done; and it’s the cited: bezerk by Eminem In. The Cliché of Leaves non-Cliché’d through death. theme: The Knight … Continue reading the next soul pieces and tres trees

how it-works! a story of creation

{ fiction to post 11.29.16 at thirteen he was an old hag. With a nasty bug-her filled nose ; his plan was to trap them in a {arrow to} foreign country ; the the country of skis and slopes ; and taken their citizenship. But there was no their; just a her : & that’s not how it-works! he lied at fifteen in a denied citizenship ship of ghetto high school experience  in the states; but states when   her drove by , that’s not how it-works! & they were never a romantic couple the high school was a niche of rich … Continue reading how it-works! a story of creation

Protest Hatred

Protest Hatred for: soul pieces cited: soul pieces series date: 82216 tags: connected to volunteer agenda (mine) non-fiction posts, volunteer copy, fiction copy, shelter fiction , death fiction pro, test ha, tred! to cut off; their steeling no, stealing your … Continue reading Protest Hatred