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f art statement: cited: bublicious it’s a B shown turned over around with strawberries as drawn the glad oh art a reminder of the culture of women that are something like men; from a place the ship near strawberries and … Continue reading wragen sal dirt wrags aren’t


From “The New Definition of Retards” Look at the sin on that “B”‘s face; if you don’t want to say that; well, then: don’t say it has a . The leaf breaks in paths that you can pull apart without; guiding it; in pain. It’s gone it’s its spirit is ; tho wear; a new definition not of; from. now you know how to travel up that tree; and hope: you’re an animal other; the vie gets scare the usual stack pull forner stam; no stammer that re-inflects the usual? bat sour; squirrels mount fences and the for fun stare … Continue reading Inflection

clean water of the puddle “the fight”

{ for fiction to post : 11.10.16 I was at the library today; it was obvious at the other place that they were too small; it was a sign of severe malignant abuse. I fell asleep in-between reading severely ; and I was both rested and tired; in that hour, and past it. I fell asleep in a comfortable couch-chair. My feet propped. Past that hour all could sea the sheen of work in my face; demeanor; and with it they could also understand my exhaustion how hard I had worked while they pretend they had ; all except a … Continue reading clean water of the puddle “the fight”