Le jardin Projector.

[and also in this slight varied from below form: Le jardin Projector] dedicated to, S.W. & N.[C,] D. & J.R.R. & J.C. I was thinking of empty spaces; since the Asian people are so un-enamored with the current global requirement … Continue reading Le jardin Projector.

Sight-seeing “them”

in, : “The New Definition of Retards” the tap and the and the nose ring’s space on the beak; I’m not talking about vanity that’s not what sightseeing them means; it means that you: simply? seethem around; and maybe, not … Continue reading Sight-seeing “them”

math, brother

{next fictional art statement: 12.30.16} because she didn’t want to get married and he-she was such a nut Job! each member (relative) was appointed to a translation : equivalent marriage to he-she; and at that completed end of that marriage if they experienced a young death : they (wore) relieved for that; was/ (is?) a certain method cited: method (product) again to end that marriage to your hema(f) brother. A brother to a n end. theme: academic fortitude over discomfort theme music (citation): brahms’ 4th symphony cited: as heard again on npr dot org today/ 123116 Continue reading math, brother