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I was having this weird and even spiritual experience you know; connected to my physical health; and it was … something to think about something to paddle about in your boat on an excretion It was like when I was on the toilet the pieces that were falling forth; they were shaped different than the normal look of those types of pieces All I can say is well; this is a body part on some type of people falling out of me I’m sure some of them still have that part But it’s just that you know this is something … Continue reading hungdrum

mellow Tod

She said it was a mellow day Nothing too much today just a lot of drinking tea You nothing too much to deal with Oh ok; that’s good I said back. You know, she said sifting her hands like she was moving flour I’m just not into it What do you mean, she said I mean I said I’m not into it what he’s about. That’s the thing Well, Bali interrupted you;re not really his age. If you were his age you might understand, you know better I mean what is there to understand I don’t approve that’s all (clearing … Continue reading mellow Tod